Studio G GPaint Lacquer Airbrush Ready Paint Starter Set (8x 65ml Bottles)

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GPaint is a lacquer-based paint that can be used on Gunplas, planes, boats, military, or any other kit. It is formulated to allow you to fully enjoy the painting process and customize your kit without all the hassle. It is the simplest paint you will ever use! Here are some of the features of GPaint.

- 65 ml
- Pre-diluted
- Ready to use, straight out of the bottle
- Quick-drying
- Suitable for airbrushing and hand painting
- Ready to mix
- Easy to create a professional finish
- Mixing ball included in each bottle
- In compliance with all safety and hazard codes

GPaint Black X 1
GPaint White X 1
GPaint Red X 1
GPaint Yellow X 1
GPaint Blue X 1
GPaint Green X 1
GPaint Gun Metal X 1
GPaint Dark Iron X 1
Sticker: StudioG X 1
Sticker: Never Stop Building X 1
Sticker: G Logo X 1

Keep tightly closed and away from direct sunlight. Use in a well-ventilated room and away from open flames.

Start by shaking the bottle well. Make sure it is well mixed and unscrew the cap of the bottle to loosen the paint seal. Screw the bottle cap firmly and unscrew the transparent part of the cap. Start pouring the paint into your paint container or directly into the airbrush cup.