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 -[MGEX] is a new brand that challenges the "extreme expression" of MS, based on the technology accumulated by BANDAI SPIRITS and the [theme] set for each aircraft by combining different materials.
-The first theme is [Extreme `light-emitting mechanism`]. The [structure] that has been calculated thoroughly and the expression of [light emission] by the new LED unit.
-From the lighting of the eyes and the main camera of the head by button operation, the psycho-frame of the main body emits red and green, and then it is possible to produce a light emission with strength.
-The newly adopted [flexible LED sheet] realizes easy assembly and space-saving. With this technology as the starting point, Unicorn Gundam's first-ever transformation, light emission, color change, and movable symmetry are realized.
-Producing the whole body with new molding under the full supervision of Mr. Hajime Katoki.
-Using the lead wire, it is possible to light the clear parts of the shield placed away from the main body.
-Includes water transfer decals including the new original plastic model design.
-The dedicated MS cage also houses the battery box of the lighting unit, adjusts the position of the columns, and has a weapon holding function.
-3 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately) are required to reproduce light emission.

・Beam magnum X 1
・Hyper Bazooka x1
・Shield x 3
・Beam Gatling gun ×6
・Beam saber x 4
・Lighting unit x 1 set
・Exclusive MS cage x 1
・Water transfer type decal x 1
・Metallic seal x 1